Consignor Services

Business Products and Services

We will provide you with professional consultation and evaluate your needs in liquidating your inventory. Our service is beneficial to any business whether involved in a reduction of stock, the closing of an office, a bankruptcy or just trying to boost cash flow.

Advanced Funding may be provided, thus allowing an up-front payment based on the value of the property to be liquidated.
Estate and Personal Products and Services

From one item to entire estates; the team can appraise your assets, and settle your estate. For the attorney, trust department or the private citizen, our service is complete, professional, and confidential. Through private sales or public auctions, entire estates can be liquidated quickly, efficiently and with maximum results.

Professional, Confidential, Liquidations

We conduct professional auctions in a variety of formats including traditional live auctions, online auctions, specialty auctions, and onsite auctions. We are able to provide a variety of liquidation services to meet your needs including estate sales, tag sales, auction estimates, and appraisals.

We are liquidation specialists serving Federal, State, and local Governments and police forces nationwide. We also provide liquidation services for private businesses of all types including:

Lawyers Repossession Companies Professional Associations Manufacturers Hotels Hospitals Printing Industries Homeowners Transportation Industries Agricultural Industries

Accountants Leasing Companies Wholesale Dealers Offices Furniture Outlets Nursing Homes Mortgage Companies Electrical Firms Moving & Storage Firms Chain Stores

Finance Companies Banks Retailers Restaurants Mills Construction Real Estate Companies Computer Firms Communications Industries Trade Organizations

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