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Artists in this category are all members of the elite International Artists Association and include some of the finest master painters and future master painters in the world.

Artist: Ioannis Bardis - Greece (b. 1947)

Title: The Mask of Efestos

Medium: Original Gold-Plated Sculpture

Signature: Hand signed by the Artist

Image size: Approximately 9.5" x 9.5” x 1.5/8”

Edition: Unique, One of a Kind

Framed: The work is mounted on black Plexiglas and it is enclosed in a clear Plexiglas box. It also has a hole in the back for hanging on the wall. The metal sculpture is gold plated with pure 24K gold.

Details: This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Biography: Ioannis Bardis was born in Athens in 1947 and studied Fine Arts at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Athens and was taught the art of working copper and sculpting marble. He graduated with honors in 1973. Since 1986, he lives and works in Peania. He received honors from the University of Michigan (USA) Mordehai Frizis Foundation, a Greek community from Calabria, the Minister of Culture Mrs. Melina Merkouri, the Minister of National Defense Mr. Ioannis Charalambopoulos, the Patriarch Bartolomeu Golden Cross from the Dodecanese church, the Christodoulos Kingdom, the Archbishop of Athens, Head of the Army Mr. Fragko Fragkoulis, the army corps 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Giuseppe Sacca Foundation from the Vatican. He received honors in 2011 at a competition for “The Rape of Europa” from Kos. He is a member of the House of Fine Art in Greece in the Department of Sculpture and is an appointed member of the Council of Administration and Organization of Fine Art. He has sculpted 25 statues, 44 busts, 16 monuments and “The Rape of Europa” that measures 5meters by 6 meters and is located in the town of Peristeri. An equestrian statue measuring 9 meters by 4 meters of Colonel Mordehai Frizis is renowned and is located in Chalkida. Furthermore, he has also sculpted another equestrian statue of Alexander the Great, which is still in the process of completion, measuring 4 meters by 8 meters. Also, he has sculpted commemorative pieces for the Ferraioi Association in Greece, Herbal Life Oscars for the Fulgor Society, as well as other acclaimed works of art commissioned by multiple municipalities such as unique commemorative works honoring cultural icons and athletes. He participated in the 4th Sculpture Biennial, showing works of art in multiple public spaces in various capitols located in local counties. He has had 43 personal exhibitions and has participated in 98 group exhibitions. His works of art gallantly decorate the desks of various Presidents and Prime Ministers. Furthermore, his works can be admired in museums and in private collections in Greece and abroad as well. His art has been critiqued by art critics such as Veatriki Spiliadi, Dora Iliopoulou Rogkan, Ion Vorres, Mr. Charalambos Daradimos, The President of the House of Fine Arts in Greece, writer Thanasis Mousopoulos, painter Dimitris Talaganis, prose composer Valentini Potamianou and Ion Fratzeskakis.

Warranty: Item GUARANTEED to be as described

Auction Estimate: $7,100-$7,300

Special Note: This artwork will be shipped from Europe and may take up to 3 weeks for delivery