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Artist: Warner Brothers

Title: Tee Off Tweety

Medium: Fine Art Giclee on Paper

Limited Edition: 500

Image Size: Approximately 16 inches x 12 inches

Paper Size: Approximately 20 inches x 16 inches

Framed: Unframed

Details: Featuring Tweety Bird getting ready to hit a golf ball.

Tweety, also known as Tweety Bird or Tweety Pie, was created in 1942 by Bob Clampett as a featherless little ‘boid,’ and went on to appear in 48 Looney Tunes cartoons of the golden age. In his early cartoon appearances, Tweety is a very aggressive character, who tries anything to foil his foe. But, Tweety was later “tamed down” when Friz Freleng started directing the Sylvester and Tweety Series into featuring a more cutesy bird, and it became even more animated when Granny was introduced, yet Tweety still maintained his malicious side.   Tweety and Sylvester proved to be one of the most notable pairings in animation history, while Tweety Bird has won over millions of follows throughout the world.

Warranty: Item GUARANTEED to be as described

Auction Estimate: $450.00/$650.00